Chiller Plant Replacement

Prime Mechanical is proud to have delivered the turnkey gut/replacement of a Chiller Plant located on the 19th floor of a Building in Downtown, Manhattan. Once we completed demolition, the new chiller plant was precisely constructed with a with a multitude of new mechanical equipment, including two (2) 750-ton electric centrifugal chillers, three (3) 1,800 GPM chilled water pumps, three (3) 2,300 GPM condenser water pumps, and a two-cell 1,500-ton cooling tower.

To name a few additional highlights, the new plant includes a refrigerant monitoring system with ventilation and purge fans, a sand filtration and water treatment system, a domestic water booster pump, a new Building Management System (BMS), a new steel dunnage assembly, and a network of piping. To energize all of the new equipment, we installed two (2) new 1,200 ampere electrical service risers from the 2nd floor to the Chiller Plant level. This project was successfully completed between the months of November and April to ensure that the Building was provided with its chilled water service for the next cooling season.