What to Know About Local Law 97 in NYC

Feb 26, 2024


Local Law 97 is a pivotal piece of legislation under the Climate Mobilization Act in New York City, aimed at drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. Understanding and complying with this law is crucial for property owners and managers, especially in terms of how it impacts commercial HVAC systems.

Overview of Local Law 97

  • Explains the law’s objectives to cut down emissions from buildings, which are major contributors to the city’s carbon footprint.
  • Details the emission limits set for different building types and sizes, emphasizing the timeline for compliance.

Impact on Commercial HVAC Systems

  • Discusses how HVAC systems are significant contributors to a building’s energy consumption and, consequently, its emissions.
  • Highlights the need for energy-efficient HVAC systems and practices to comply with Local Law 97.

Steps to Compliance

  • Assessment: Conducting an energy audit to understand your building’s current emission levels and how they align with the law’s requirements.
  • Plan: Developing a strategy to reduce emissions, which may include upgrading to more energy-efficient HVAC systems or optimizing existing systems.
  • Implementation: Executing the planned changes to ensure compliance before the set deadlines.

Prime Mechanical’s Role

  • Detailing how Prime Mechanical can assist building owners in navigating Local Law 97, from initial assessments to implementing HVAC solutions that comply with the law.
  • Emphasizing the expertise and support Prime Mechanical offers to ensure buildings not only comply with the law but also operate more efficiently and sustainably.


Local Law 97 represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for New York City. Understanding and preparing for its implications is essential for any business or property owner. With Prime Mechanical’s expertise in energy-efficient HVAC solutions, you can ensure your building not only meets the legal requirements but also contributes positively to the city’s environmental goals.